hello this is kyle pulver. I'm a thirty something kinda queer he/him currently residing in beautiful seattle, washington with my partner corey.

most of the time I make video games. some other times I draw things. I occasionally have thoughts to share about topics close to my heart such as game development, tabletop rpgs, mental health, and just whatever is happening in my life. I post when I feel like it.

if you wanna contact me, just send an email to hi@kpulv.com and give it a subject line that won't get caught in a spam filter, or you can hit me up on the dirty bird.

thoughts projects games doodles

all the king's men

A game jam project that dares to ask the question: what would you sacrifice for your king? Take control of the king's royal guard as he makes his way to a very important royal event. Control all the guards at the same time and lay down your life for his royal majesty as the ninja assassins from the lands beyond attempt to put a stop to the crown at all costs


super ninja slash

Speed through a treacherous facility of an evil future corporation to escape with the top secret documents that will sink them once and for all. A short and sweet speed running focused kinda stealth kinda action game made during game jam, and expanded on to include online leader boards and some cool music.


starforger ii

Explore a distant galaxy that is comprised of completely procedurally generated planets with creepy alien ghosts and mysterious artifacts required to bring forth a new era of warmth and comfort. It's the sequel to a game that never existed. A game jam project that was created primarily to test out using cool shaders.



Nobody in this world can really be trusted, not even yourself! Or can you trust yourself? I don't know! The answers to these mysteries and more awaits in this Newgrounds Game of the Year 2010 Award Winning experience. It's a platformer.



How long can you defend your sanctum from the onslaught of invaders? A game jam game all about using the powers of your enemies against them. A top down action game that will require the rapid pressing and releasing of buttons to emerge victorious.


space sushi

There are things in this world that just don't mix, but Space and Sushi are not among them. A game jam game that pits two players against one another in the intergalactic black market of space fish trade. Hunt down rare exotic breeds of fish like the elusive "xuna" and harvest their juicy meat for profit, but if the ecosystem is disrupted then it's game over!



Time is always running low in this bite sized metroidvania action platforming run and gun eye popping adventure. That's a lot of words. A game originally created as part of the ARTxGAME collective and later expanded to include online leader boards and fancy sound effects and music. Experience the thrill of blowing up enemies, flying around with a jet pack, and finding secret bonus upgrades for just a buck.



Death isn't the end, it is just a transition into a creepy negative upside down world where the ghosts of your enemies will haunt you until the very essence of your soul is sucked away for all eternity. Journey through a short puzzle action platformer where only the dead make it out alive.


offspring fling

Sometimes the path of a hero involves throwing your children to safety. Make your way through a dangerous forest after an ambush by a mean old dinosaur has scattered your cute kids to the wind. Over one hundred levels of puzzle platforming action that will test your wits and your reflexes, and cute graphics to calm your nerves as you journey on your quest to earn the crown of ultimate motherhood.


bonesaw: the game

This is the very first game that I released! It's a brutally hard platformer that will bring you through over 30 levels of violence and mayhem. A challenging beat em up game with action, puzzles, and big boss fights. Use the bloodshed from your opponents as fuel to charge up the bonesaw and unleash it upon your foes in battle. Actually this isn't the first game I ever released but the weird mega man fan games on my old america online homepage don't count.