Hello internet, this is where I live now. My other website got to be too much of a pain to update and maintain. I wrote the entire back end myself almost ten years ago now and various parts of it started to break down as browsers updated and javascript things that I copy and pasted from various depths of coding forums no longer functioned. So I decided to leave that site as it is, and make a brand new one that I can have an easier time maintaining.

Other than that I'm just doin' my thing as usual. Working on games and drawings and all that good stuff. Playing and running tabletop games like Pathfinder and that Dungeons and/or Dragons game. Going to conventions and conferences every once in awhile but not so much anymore.

I'm going to start going through my backlog of drawings and doodles that I never posted to my other site over the past year or so and if I don't hate them I'll put them up here. I don't think I'm going to migrate any of my other art over, as that can still just live on my old blog.

Thanks for stoppin' by!