game     clickteam fusion  

The very first game that I released! A brutally hard platformer spanning over 30 levels of violence and mayhem. A 2d beat em up game with action, puzzles, and big boss fights. Use the bloodshed from your opponents as fuel to charge up the Bonesaw and unleash it upon your foes in battle.

  game     game maker  

This is just a incredibly normal platformer that was made for Global Game Jam 2010. The theme was deception, but don't think about that too much. depict1 is a very simple game that has nothing to hide.

  game     otter  

Built using Otter, this was created during a 48 hour game jam under the theme "sacrifice." Take control of the King's loyal guards and throw them into harms way so that the King can complete his journey. Assassins are coming from all directions, and the guards must protect the King at all costs!


A game about a poor forest creature that has misplaced all of her children. She'll have to fight her way through over 100 levels of action puzzle platforming to get them all back home.

  card game  

Super Meat Boy Rival Rush is a one versus one competitive card game where Players race to the finish. Players assemble twenty card decks comprised of actions and skills that will get them to the end, along with some nasty tricks to trip up their opponent. Beloved characters from the Super Meat Boy Cinematic Universe make appearances for the first time as trading cards, each with their own unique abilities and powers to help navigate the levels ahead at breakneck speeds. Rival Rush is a nonstop fast paced no holds barred finger blistering every card for themselves showdown where only the swiftest and smartest survive.

  game     game maker  

Originally created for the TIGSource Commonplace Book Competition, Verge is a game about life and death, and upside down gravity. A handful of levels with some puzzle platforming where death doesn't necessarily mean the end!

I'm Kyle Pulver and this is my current home on the internet. I worked on Super Meat Boy: Forever, and Rival Rush, and before that I made games like Offspring Fling and depict1. I also draw stuff, create tools and applications for tabletop role playing games, tinker with general app development, as well as design and develop games of both the tabletop and digital variety!

I'm a cis bi boy currently residing in Seattle with my partner Corey. I have adhd and anxiety but I make it work most of the time. I'm usually down to talk about whatever so feel free to send me a message over email or twitter if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or accolades. I am not accepting criticism at this time.








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