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You may be wondering what the heck I've been up to lately.

Somehow even after Meat Boy Forever has shipped, I'm still keeping myself overwhelmingly busy but it's mostly in a good way. I've been very focused on organizing my own brain, and exploring ways to best accomplish that. Of course that means once again I made my own note taking and organizing application using Vue and nw.js. Depending on how that develops, I may put it online as just an open source do whatever you want with it sort of thing.

Running and playing Pathfinder Second Edition has also been a big driving force in how I'm spending a lot of my time. My groups have started using Foundry VTT for our online sessions, and because it's so infinitely tinkerable, I've been neck deep in customizing it and building out various tools and utilities. On top of that, I run and maintain a number of web applications that thousands of people are using to create characters and homebrew material.

Rocket League and a little bit of Tetris are still my only loves in video games right now. Quick format games with infinite depth of player skill potential are my jam, and those two experiences cover all my bases. Every other video game looks the same to me right now. Something about knowing how the sausage is made.

Somewhat related, I'm churning through a lot of Godot (the game engine) material in my investigation for what I want to do next in terms of video games. It looks very promising, and a strong contender for what I properly dive into next!

I'm also aware that some of my sites are currently down, such as the Offspring Fling level sharing site, but right now I don't have the motivation or the brain power to apply the fixes necessary to bring them back online. At this point Offspring Fling is ancient history, so there was hardly any activity on the site. Some of my old blogs that went down I'm okay with since who knows what kind of hot garbage past me wrote on those things.

Other than that, I've been doing a lot of meditation involving breathing and awareness and all that kind of stuff. It's been a lot of fun to explore this type of thing outside of the western assumption that all meditation is mindfulness or attempting to not think about anything. I can now hold my breath for over two and a half minutes! ... which doesn't really have much to do with meditation, but is a result of all of the breath based exercises I think.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!

I'm Kyle Pulver and this is my current home on the internet. I worked on Super Meat Boy: Forever, and Rival Rush, and before that I made games like Offspring Fling and depict1. I also draw stuff, create tools and applications for tabletop role playing games, tinker with general app development, as well as design and develop games of both the tabletop and digital variety!

I'm a cis bi boy currently residing in Seattle with my partner Corey. I have adhd and anxiety but I make it work most of the time. I'm usually down to talk about whatever so feel free to send me a message over email or twitter if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or accolades. I am not accepting criticism at this time.








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