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You may be wondering what the heck I've been up to lately.

Somehow even after Meat Boy Forever has shipped, I'm still keeping myself overwhelmingly busy but it's mostly in a good way. I've been very focused on organizing my own brain, and exploring ways to best accomplish that. Of course that means once again I made my own note taking and organizing application using Vue and nw.js. Depending on how that develops, I may put it online as just an open source do whatever you want with it sort of thing.

Running and playing Pathfinder Second Edition has also been a big driving force in how I'm spending a lot of my time. My groups have started using Foundry VTT for our online sessions, and because it's so infinitely tinkerable, I've been neck deep in customizing it and building out various tools and utilities. On top of that, I run and maintain a number of web applications that thousands of people are using to create characters and homebrew material.

Rocket League and a little bit of Tetris are still my only loves in video games right now. Quick format games with infinite depth of player skill potential are my jam, and those two experiences cover all my bases. Every other video game looks the same to me right now. Something about knowing how the sausage is made.

Somewhat related, I'm churning through a lot of Godot (the game engine) material in my investigation for what I want to do next in terms of video games. It looks very promising, and a strong contender for what I properly dive into next!

I'm also aware that some of my sites are currently down, such as the Offspring Fling level sharing site, but right now I don't have the motivation or the brain power to apply the fixes necessary to bring them back online. At this point Offspring Fling is ancient history, so there was hardly any activity on the site. Some of my old blogs that went down I'm okay with since who knows what kind of hot garbage past me wrote on those things.

Other than that, I've been doing a lot of meditation involving breathing and awareness and all that kind of stuff. It's been a lot of fun to explore this type of thing outside of the western assumption that all meditation is mindfulness or attempting to not think about anything. I can now hold my breath for over two and a half minutes! ... which doesn't really have much to do with meditation, but is a result of all of the breath based exercises I think.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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Wow it sure is 2021 already. I got behind on my doodles, so I just put a whole bunch of them up. I heard that big eyebrows and midriffs were in this season!!

In other news, Super Meat Boy Forever is out! It's on the Switch and Epic Games Store. If you want to see where a lot of my level design brain has been over the past couple years, you should definitely take it for a spin.

I've been chipping away at yet another custom note taking and organization app written in Vue3. There are a billion note taking apps and solutions out there, but none of them really capture how I go about thinking and writing, and the plus side of writing my own thing is that I have full access to how all of it works, and access to all of the raw data underneath. Plus it's just fun to tinker with stuff.

With some ideas for game projects brewing in my mind I've been trying to poke at the various engines and frameworks available to developers these days. Otter has reached the end of its run, and it will forever be remembered as my fun excursion into the realm of making my own framework and realizing the many reasons why I shouldn't be making my own framework. Godot currently has my attention, but the C# support is very shaky it seems, and I'm not sure if I want to commit to adapting to its own GDScript scripting language. Although the editor seems nice. I will never under any circumstance be using Unity. I could potentially go back to Game Maker, too.

As always I will say that I plan on posting more, but we all know how that goes!

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Time flies when you have a blog. I'm postin' more doodles and drawings since that's how I seem to spend most of my chill out time these days. In the great year of 2020 all bets are off. Be horny on main. Live your best life.

Most of my other time is spent on wrapping up my work on Meat Boy, and delving deeper into the wild world of Pathfinder. I'm lucky enough to have two sessions of Pathfinder 2e each week with some great pals and I'm loving every second of it, which gives me great motivation to keep developing my Pathfinder web apps (which can be found at!)

I also recorded a new episode of the pgi podcast which should be going up on the internet any time now. It's been a lot of fun and incredibly insightful to talk in depth about role playing games with Jon! I think we dig into a lot of subject matter that is completely absent in the rest of the rpg community. I like to focus in on the underlying social dynamics that exist at the table 'cause I think all of those unwritten rules and expectations are what actually drives how we experience and play games together.

That's it for now. Stay safe out there!

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I posted a bunch of doodles that I've had laying around for the past couple of weeks.

It's certainly been tough times out there. I have a hard time even expressing any of my own struggles with it since I know that I'm in pretty good circumstances all things considered. It is tough though. My ADHD has been totally scrambling my brain really hard lately, and my ambient level of anxiety is up quite a few notches.

I've been limiting my exposure to the ole social medias. Specifically twitter and reddit. I want to stay informed, but also I don't want to exhaust myself with keeping up with all of the suffering of the world. In order to be able to even combat that suffering in any way I possibly can, I need to make sure I'm not totally fried from taking in all of the details of it. I want to fight the good fight, and that means taking care of myself from time to time.

I'm also very nocturnal right now! It's 2:20 in the morning and I'm super wide awake. I feel like I hit my stride at like 1:30 in the morning these days. I think I've been in this schedule for maybe over a year and I'm not sure if I'll ever get out of it, but I think for now I'm okay riding it out.

Take care out there! More posts coming soon hopefully!

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I'm back! Again! Wow!

I've shed all of the weight of all of the various content management systems I've tried over the past year. I really thought that using something built for managing a website would be really cool and make everything easier, but I was so very very wrong.

Everything that I tried just sucked in different ways. Either it was too involved, or it was designed for nothing like what I wanted to do. I've even given up on using databases for storing content. We're all flat files now, bucko. I'm really disappointed at how complex even the most simple web things are! I understand that maybe they're designed for people to create sites with that they can hand off to clients, but even still the amount of things that can break from the slightest misstep even in the simplest content management systems is unreal.

I've been thinking a lot about a lot of stuff over the past year or so, so I want to make sure that I have a good lookin' website again to write on. I still don't know how to end blog posts. So this is it. The end of the post.

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Okay so I know I was supposed to get back to posting stuff here but... I'm still not happy with the system I have set up. I tried out this thing called Pico CMS which is like the lightest weight blog whatever system that I could find, but it's still super complex and annoying. To customize any part of it I still have to dig through a bunch of files and configs and the php code running it all is a gigantic nightmare.

So I think I'm just going to scrap it and go back to some super simple php thing I write myself but make it as simple as possible and just parse markdown files for all the entries which is essentially but Pico does but there's a lot of weird snags that I'm having trouble navigating for my use cases.

I know that I don't really get a lot of, or any, comments on my posts usually, but it would be nice to have some sort of comment system set up that wasn't relying on hacking through Pico's code, or some super bloated commenting service like Disqus or whatever. It's pretty wild how even the most simple things on the web are still convoluted nightmares. Now I'm off to google search some php questions that were answered on stack overflow 15 years ago!

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There are a lot of things to still figure out. I guess that is always the case.

I get into a habit of thinking way too much about what to write here. I still think of it as some sort of super official presentation of myself, so I tend to be very careful about what to share, but then I get stuck in an infinite loop of thinking about something, but then it never important enough to write about! I must break the cycle of despair.

Obviously my online presence has changed a lot in the past few years. I used to be very active on my blog and trying to write about what I was up to at least three times a week, but after a very long time of doing that it became very exhausting. I also came to dread the feeling of being behind on my posts, and frantically always trying to catch up. I know that this kept me somewhat productive and "on task" but it was also a big contributor to anxiety and feeling like I was never doing enough.

After I started treating my anxiety and ADHD issues, a lot of my perspectives changed. I pretty much gave up on the multiple posts a week thing, but then over time I eventually decided to retire the concept of my blog entirely. I came to a realization that things like updating my blog all the time and maintaining a strong-ish online presence was a form of managing my mental illnesses. Not to say that I was exclusively behaving in certain ways as coping mechanisms, but there has definitely been a significant change since starting on focused therapy and medication.

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I'm Kyle Pulver and this is my current home on the internet. I worked on Super Meat Boy: Forever, and Rival Rush, and before that I made games like Offspring Fling and depict1. I also draw stuff, create tools and applications for tabletop role playing games, tinker with general app development, as well as design and develop games of both the tabletop and digital variety!

I'm a cis bi boy currently residing in Seattle with my partner Corey. I have adhd and anxiety but I make it work most of the time. I'm usually down to talk about whatever so feel free to send me a message over email or twitter if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or accolades. I am not accepting criticism at this time.








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