hello this is kyle pulver. I'm a thirty something kinda queer he/him currently residing in beautiful seattle, washington with my partner corey.

most of the time I make video games. some other times I draw things. I occasionally have thoughts to share about topics close to my heart such as game development, tabletop rpgs, mental health, and just whatever is happening in my life. I post when I feel like it.

if you wanna contact me, just send an email to hi@kpulv.com and give it a subject line that won't get caught in a spam filter, or you can hit me up on the dirty bird.

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pathfinder character sheets

A php mysql web application that can manage character data for the Pathfinder role playing game. Created for my group to use instead of having to rely on paper or pdf files that would break down after overloading them with too much data. No longer being maintained or updated, but it's all open source.


pathfinder character manager

This isn't released yet! Still have some bugs to fix and features to complete before I release it to the world.

A much sleeker web application that manages character data for the Pathfinder role playing game. Features a simple user account system that can link characters to campaigns, and game masters can see characters updated in almost real time. Open source and all that good stuff.